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Department wise College faculty


Dr. Anuradha pandoh


    • Department of english

    Ms. Archana Bakshi  ( Assoc. Prof)-hod
    Ms. Ashu Manhas (Asst. Prof)
    Ms. Bhavana Jamwal (Asst. Prof)

    • Department of¬† hindi

    Dr. Seema Sudan (Assoc. Prof)-hod

    • Department of dogri

    Dr.Sarita Khajuria (Asst. Prof)hod
    Dr. Sushma Kumari (Asst. Prof)
    Dr. Shallu Rani (Asst. Prof)

    • Department of urdu

    Mr. Sudesh Kumar (Asst. Prof)-hod
    Mr. Sunil Kumar Asst. Prof)-hod

    • Department of education

    Dr. Alka Sharma (Assoc. Prof)-hod
    Ms. Priyanka Mahajan (Asst. Prof)

    • Department of pol. science

    Dr. Seema Jamwal (Assoc. Prof)-hod
    Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma ( Asst.Prof)

    • Department of history

    Ms. Anuradha (Asst. Prof)-hod

    • Department of evs

    Ms. Asha Singh  (Asst. Prof)-HOD

    • Department of economics

    Mr. Mohd. Qayoom (Asstt. Prof.)-HOD

    • Department of mathematics

    Mr. Sumit Gupta (Asstt. Prof.)-HOD


    • Department of philosophy

    Mr. Ritu Raj (Academic Arrangement)

    • library

    Ms. Arti Digra (Librarian)

    • Department of sports

    Ms. Neenu (pti)

    • Department of ZOOLOGY

    Ms. Sheetu Raina (Asstt. Prof.)-HOD

    • Department of BoTANY

             Ms. Suman Bala (Assoc. Prof.)-HOD

    • ¬†Department of PunJabi

    Ms. Randheer Kour (Asstt. Prof.)-HOD














NON- teaching staff


Mr. Karan Singh

Sr. Assistant

Ms. Deepika Rani

Computer Assistant

Mr. Sunil Pangotra

Med. Assistant

Mr. Amit Sharma

Jr. Assistant

Mr. Bhushan Lal


Mr. Man Dass


Mr. Rafiq Mohd


Ms. Bandhu Sharma

Computer Operator (Need Based)

Mr. Sher Ali

Need Based

Mr. Surinder Saini

Need Based

Mr. Ashwani Raina

Need Based

Mr. Ganga Dhari

Need Based

Mr. Surjeet Kumar

Need Based

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Need Based

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Need Based (Driver)




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