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Uniform for Boys & Girls

a) For Unmarried - Plain white Salwar, Kameej, Dupatta and Black Shoes

b) For Engaged - Plain white Salwar, Kameej, Pink Dupatta and Black Shoes

c) For Married - Pink Salwar, Kameej and Dupatta

d) For Boys - Black Trousers, White Shirt and Black Shoes

e) During Winter - Black Sweater with Uniform

*NOTE: Wearing of masks compulsory in the college


No outsider is allowed to enter the college without a valid reason.

If a student is absent from the college without permission for more than ten consecutive days, her name will be struck off from the college rolls.

Every student attending the college shall wear the college uniform

Unlawful assembly of students in the college is not allowed.

Covering walls in graffiti or sticking of posters is a cognizable offence.

Ragging in any form, on or off the college Campus is a cognizable offence and the student/students indulging in this practice will be severely punished, which can include explanation and expulsion from the college.

Students absenting themselves shall be fined 50 paisa per day. Leave application for more than one week due to sickness must be supported by Medical certificate and must invariably be attested by the guardian.

Students resorting to unfair means in the examination are liable to be issued a bad character certificate.

A student desirous of withdrawing his/her name from the college rolls should submit an application, countersigned by the parent/guardian of the student. The withdrawal certificate shall in no case be readmitted during the same academic session.

Any student who indulges in any indiscipline in the college shall not be eligible for any prize, certificate college colour, award or scholarship from the institution.

Students shall not leave the college premises during the working hours except with the permission of Principal and teacher Incharge Discipline Committee.

Student shall not be allowed to enter College after 2nd period.

Use of Mobile phones are not allowed in the college premises. Anyone found using mobile will be fined Rs. 100/- and the phone will be confiscated.

Students shall park their vehicle in separate parking area.



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