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Extension Lectures


Extension Lecture On "Importance of Fasting and Feasting with reference to Ramazan and Eid." by Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Wani on 7th Oct. 2008.


Guest Lecture On The Topic "History & Anatomy of India's Development." by Dr. J.R. Panda on 4th Feb. 2009.

Extension Lecture On "Rationale for the Study of English Literature in India" by Prof. D.K RamPal on 7th Mar. 2009.


Extension Lecture on the topic "Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity" by Prof. B.L. Koul on 20th Dec., 2009.

Extension Lecture On "Right To Information in J & K " by Mr. Junaid Hashmi from UMEED-RTI Initiative on 19th Feb., 2010.


An Extension Lecture on the topic "Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in Present Era" by Prof. Rita Jitendra on 29th Sept., 2010.



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