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Various scholarship are granted to various categories of students

Scheduled castes scholarships..

Backward caste scholarships.

National scholarships

Scholarship for physically disabled students

The grants & continuance of the scholarship is subject to the following conditions

Regular Attendance

Satisfactory Conduct.

Production of Income Certificate/ Other Certificates as & when required

Attested copy of State Subject Certificate

Application for the grant of the scholarship are duly scrutinized by a committee of teachers who recommend the deserving cases to the Principal.
Students applying for the scholarships are required to submit the following particulars :-

Father's/ Guardians name and occupation

Certificate of Income of the Father/Guardian.

Attested copy of State Subject certificate.

Testimonials, if any.

The income certificate of the Father/Guardian should be issued & certified by the revenue officer not less than the rank of a Tehsildar.
Scholarship of students who don't show satisfactory academic progress will be reduced or stopped as the case may be.

Scholarship & Financial Assistance

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